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It all started with an idea…

Dental practices should finally profit from the extending possibilities of digitalization! The job of dentists can be more efficient, easier and more fun…

Behive is a new beginning

While Florian Nestmann was working as a dentist, he quickly realized how much room for improvement there was through digitalization in the daily routines of a dental practice. In the beginning, it was just a project with kanban prototypes, caused by the desire for clear structure in the everyday processes in the dental practice. Test runs quickly showed that this new way of communicating offers tremendous power, regardless of the size of a practice.

With Sven Hankemeier, a very experienced and successful programmer and entrepreneur, the project was able to outgrow its initial stages and has now grown into an established product.

The Behive card system was born….

o Florian and Sven developed an ideal card system that is individually fitted to the needs of dentist and revolutionizes the way of communication in the practice. In Behive, all dentist and team members can find all relevant information exactly when and where it is needed. With behive, the success of the team is now quantifiable.