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Customer service

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If this does not solve your question, please feel free to contact us directly.

Behive is suitable for all surgeries in dentistry, orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery that want to digitize further. In particular, practices that are growing or want to grow in the future benefit from the flexible yet standardized workflows that behive enables.

We offer a three-month trial version that provides almost full functionality. Please contact us.

No, billing in the actual sense cannot be done with behive. Behive is designed for the internal communication of a practice. The employees who are in charge of billing also benefit from this by receiving better information and automated reminders for the HKP check, for example.

No, there are no direct interfaces at the moment. However, the extra work that results is hardly noticeable. Make sure yourself and secure the three-month trial version.

Yes, of course! The particularly sensitive data of your patients and employees is also safe with us.

No, however you have the obligation to inform your patients that you have a commissioned data processing agreement with behive. You must also obtain written permission from each patient stating that you may use the patient’s data within behive.

Behive adapts its scope to the needs of the practices. The costs are mainly determined by the number of practitioners and the individualizations made.
For a practice with three practitioners, you can expect monthly costs of €250.

The introduction of the software costs you nothing.
First, we take an inventory of your practice and operations, depending on the size of your practice, this can take up to a day, although we will not noticeably disrupt the ongoing operation of your practice. After we have created the necessary resources, the implementation will take place at your location over 1-2 days. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that all employees can work productively with behive as quickly as possible.