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The team behind Behive

A Doctor of Dental Surgery and a programmer come together in order to advance digitalization of dentistry

Dr. Florian Nestmann

Dr. Florian Nestmann

Dentist in Bergheim near Cologne
CEO & Co-founder of Behive

Florian completed his dissertation and dentistry degree at the University of Cologne. With his dissertation, he laid the foundation for a digital focus in the dental field. As a dentist, he has been able to gather different experiences working in practices of different sizes. Florian is currently working as a dentist in Bergheim and as founder of behive solutions GmbH.
Sven Hankemeier

Sven Hankemeier

Investor & programmer in Cologne
Co-founder of Behive

Sven has been programming since 1986, in Java since 1996. He studied business informatics from 1996 to 2001 at the University of Münster. Among other things, Sven is the founder of Behive Solutions GmbH and ProTrack GmbH


How Behive was founded…

The story of Behive