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Process management

Smart controlling & automation of practice processes

Further overview of process management functions

Further overview of process management functions

Patient board

More efficient patient care through standardized, but individually created treatment concept with schematic treatment phases

Cost plan management

Overview of all ongoing cost plans. Direct feedback on current status

Task management

Overview of ongoing tasks. Every employee receives his or her own work environment


Individually assign dentist & colleagues to projects & patients. This way, everyone on the team’s focus is exactly where it needs to be

Patient information

Tooth color, individual needs… all relevant patient information in one spot

Complete case tracking

All work steps, updates and alterations are listed clearly and chronologically. This way the process can be traced back in detail.

Automated reminders, information & events

Comprehensive automated reminders in the cost plan process, automated recommendations for consultation appointments, for example for planning dental prosthesis and automated information on DVT evaluations for consultations and much more

Shopping list

Every team member can create shopping lists and assign them to other team members at any time

Automation & routines

QM functionality using recurring tasks and check lists: efficiency through experienced work processes

Smarter. More intuitive. Better.

What else behive can do

Intuitive communication with team & external services


Better control & optimization of processes through analytics

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